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Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities



Heritage is very fortunate that we are able to offer several extracurricular options to our students. Below is a description of the 2021-2022 clubs. We encourage all of our students to get involved. This week we would like students to discuss with their families an extracurricular activity that they are planning to join or may be of interest to them. 


Heritage es muy afortunado de poder ofrecer varias opciones extracurriculares a nuestros estudiantes. A continuación se muestra una descripción de los clubs 2021-2022. Animamos a todos nuestros estudiantes a involucrarse. Esta semana quisiéramos que los estudiantes platiquen con sus familias sobre una actividad extracurricular a la que planean unirse o que les pueda interesar.

Please click on the link below for details about all of our available options


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